Planning and Rural Addressing

The Planning and Rural Addressing Department is dedicated to serving Cibola County with land use planning, development coordination, local ordinance regulation administration, promotion of comprehensive and smart growth concepts and special project management in order to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of Cibola County.

The Planning Department processes subdivision applications, Floodplain Development permits, and other activities regarding land use in the non-municipal and non-Tribal areas of the County. The division also oversees addressing, which assigns street names and addresses. Cibola County does not issue construction permits, but Planning must be contacted regarding State-issued permits to assure Floodplain compliance.

Rural Addressing aims to provide all occupied rural properties with a nationally recognized addresses that will assist Emergency Services and other service providers in locating a property. A rural address will consist of a distance-based road number, road name, locality and postcode. The new addresses will only identify the property location and not who lives there, therefore not impacting the privacy of the residents.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) use the latest satellite and computer technology to map out every street and address of county residents. This department plays a key role in tying Rural Addressing and Assessor’s parcel mapping together to form a strong tool that the county can use to plan for the future. Based on statistical data from various sources, the Planning and Rural Addressing Department can create maps that reflect voting districts, flood zones, jurisdictional boundaries and much more. The mission for the Cibola County Planning and Rural Addressing Department is to provide quality geospatial data along with GIS services to county departments and the public.

We are a technology oriented department that assists other Cibola County departments and citizens with mapping and data support. GIS is a technical field that is used for analysis and displaying of information through maps.

The department is responsible for managing and maintaining Cibola County’s mapped data. By implementing advanced database software, the department supports high performance management of large datasets which enables more efficient departmental workflows, multi-user editing of data, and ensures high-integrity storage of datasets. Internet Mapping allows the department to provide citizens and county employee’s access to real-time spatial data required for daily tasks via the internet/intranet.

Rural Addressor
Phone: (505) 285-2515

Acacia Gardner is a native New Mexican and grew up on the Navajo Reservation. She attended New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, where she acquired a Bachelor of Science in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology. Between semesters at school, she worked for the Bureau of Land Management around New Mexico and at the Lassen National Forest in California, where she learned navigation, topography, GIS.

After graduating, Acacia worked as a veterinary technician in Las Cruces and Albuquerque. In her spare time, she's an avid reader, enjoys taking her dogs hiking, and practicing her carpentry skills.

She moved to and started working for the County in Summer 2020.

Planning Coordinator
Cibola County
Planning Coordinator
Phone (505) 285-2555

Important Information
To reach us in our new offices, please go to the County Manager's office and ask to speak to us.

We are open to the public during the following business hours:
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