I want to split my property. What do I need to do?
Please review the county subdivision ordinance and Property split/combine process. Review the fee chart for subdivisions.
My property assessment says my land is zoned non-residential. Does this mean I can't build a house on it?
No, because the county has no zoning ordinance, the term non-residential is used by the Assessor’s office to indicate that no residential building is located on the property. Once you build, and the Assessor’s office reevaluates your property, they make a change to your assessment to include the residential land.
Do I need a county permit to build on my property?
The county does not have a zoning ordinance. All building permits are issued from the New Mexico Construction Industries Division. Some properties may be in a special flood hazard area and may require a Floodplain Development Permit. Please contact the Floodplain Administrator for details.
Where to I get a copy of the survey for my property?
Please contact the Cibola County Clerk's office for copys of plats and surveys.
How can I obtain a copy of the Subdivision Regulations? Is there a fee?
Cibola County Subdivision Regulations can be obtained by request through the Cibola County Clerk's office or by clicking this link.  Please be advised that this document is PDF file and may take a few minutes to download.

If you are unable to download the regulations and would still like a copy, please contact the Cibola County Clerk's office.
I want to split my property, is there a minimum lot size?
Yes. Minimum lot size is one (1.0) acre unless lots are connected to a community water system and a community liquid waste system or unless lots which are the subject of a claim of exemption having a lesser area existed prior to the effective date of this Subdivision Ordinance in which event the applicant shall show written proof of New Mexico Environment Department approval of lots that are less than (1.0) acre.
Do road names need to be approved for Summary Review plats or Claim of Exemptions?
Yes. All road names must be approved through Rural Addressing prior to submitting plats for approval.
I need the cordinates for my well. Where do I get that information?
Cibola County does not maintain a database of well locations. Contact The NM Office of the State Engineer for further information.