County Manager

Cibola County Mission:
The mission of Cibola county government is to provide an efficient, effective, responsive and transparent government that achieves the Board of County Commissioners’ vision for Cibola County; a New Mexico gem in which to live and work!

Cibola County Manager:
The office of the County Manager is appointed by the Cibola County Board of County Commissioners and is tasked with several duties pertaining to day to day operations of Cibola County.  The County Manager advises the Board on services, operational, financial and submits an annual operating & capital budget for their consideration. The county manager's office exists for the purpose of  bringing alignment of effort, transparency and continuity to the affairs of Cibola County government.

Contact The County Manager' OfficePhone: (505) 287-9431
Mobile: (505) 285-8052
Fax: (505) 285-5434