Cibola County DWI


Michael K. Dodds

DWI Program Coordinator

   Through strong partnerships with multiple programs, agencies, and providers we aim to help DWI and Domestic Violence Offenders successfully complete programs that will help them to break the cycle of abuse. Our mission is to reduce the number of DWI's, alcohol related crashes/fatalities in Cibola County. We also will work closely with our community and its schools to prevent underage drinking and drug use by raising awareness, and educating, community members of all ages. 

   The Cibola County DWI Program is grant, and distribution funded. These funds are provided by the State of New Mexico's Department of Finance Administration (DFA) under the Local Government Division (LGD) and the Local Driving Wile Intoxicated Program (LDWI). This funding is derived from 45% of the State's Liquor Excise Tax. It is distributed to DWI Programs across the State of New Mexico to programs like ours. 

Participating Agencies Include:

  • Grants Police Department (GPD)   Grants PD patch
  • Grants Municipal Court 
  • Milan Police Department (MPD) New Patch MPD
  • Milan Municipal Court
  • Laguna Police Department (LPD)     Official Laguna Badge2
  • Acoma Police Department (APD)  
  • Ramah Navajo Police Department (RNPD)ramah navajo police patch
  • Cibola County Sheriff's Office (CCSO)    CCSO Badge
  • New Mexico State Police (NMSP) nmsp
  • Cibola County Magistrate Court 
  • Cibola County District Court
  • Grants Cibola County School District (GCCS)
  • Valle del Sol 
  • Roberta's Place
  • Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP)

Important Information

DWI Misdemeanor
Compliance Office

700 E Roosevelt Suite # 40
Grants, NM 87020

Community Service:
Offender Color Line:

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Subject to adjustment for programs,
colors, weekends, and/or holidays

Adult check-ins:

All Offenders!
You must call the Color Line every day (to include weekends and holidays) between 8 and 9 AM