Description :

Job Summary

This position is with the Cibola County Sheriffs’ Office; under the direction of the Lieutenant, is responsible for interacting with the sheriff/police staff, school faculty, school administration and staff, parents, and students in the assigned school property providing  security and safety to the district by assisting in establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment.  The Certified Deputy/SRO is responsible for preventing, detecting, investigating, and prosecuting criminal violations on school property or events. 

Work Environment
The Certified Deputy/SRO works with diverse groups of people.  Work is performed in a variety of field and environmentally controlled settings, although assignment outdoors in various weather conditions that may occur.  Stressors in the assignment include interaction with openly hostile students or parents, requirements to meet deadlines, and the responsibility for a large number of students with a wide variety of concerns.  Work hours are subject to being flexed, which includes but is not limited to dances, athletic events, and shift extensions.  

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Must have current New Mexico Law Enforcement Certification.

Knowledge of State Statute and Local Ordinances.

Education or experience in interpersonal communications will be helpful but not required. 

Ability to write intelligible and complete reports and deal with situations requiring tact, understanding, and good judgment; remain alert at all times and respond quickly in emergency situations.

Ability to listen, understand and communicate verbally and in writing in English.

Ability to work independently of daily supervision and to exercise discretionary judgment and thinking.

Must successfully complete a mandatory physical exam, psychological exam, drug screen test, and background check; Must have no felony convictions or pending felony charges.

Must have a valid New Mexico driver’s license.

Must be able to qualify and maintain proficiency with firearms for both day and night.

Ability to work outdoors exposed to all-natural weather conditions. 
May not have any DWI or DUI within the last five (5) years.

The ability to comply with safety guidelines and policies of the County.

Contact :

Interested individuals may obtain an application online at www.cibolacountynm.com or Cibola County Managers Office during regular working hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday) at 700 E. Roosevelt Ave., Ste 50, Grants, New Mexico.  Positions will remain open until filled. 

                                              Cibola County is an equal opportunity employer.


Deadline for Applying : Open until filled