Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee


County JJAC Coordinator

Juvenile Justice Advisory Continuum 

Vision Statement: The vision of the Cibola County Juvenile Justice Board is to facilitate and coordinate a cohesive, collaborative, efficient and sustainable service delivery system that is responsive to changing needs and circumstances in the community.

Mission Statement: The Cibola County Juvenile Justice Board strives to help youth and families feel and be connected, valued and recognized. As a board, we are committed to facilitating and developing a continuum of innovative and culturally sensitive services and engaging families and individuals in programs and activities that will ultimately strengthen our communities.

Purpose: 1) Advise, plan and coordinate juvenile justice efforts among the various agencies and service providers working with youth in Cibola County; 2) Foster the creation and expansion of programs that pursue and obtain funding from state, federal, foundation and other sources for the purposes of preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, truancy and low graduation rates, suicide and teen pregnancy; 3) Foster the creation of programs, services and activities that increase the protective factors for children and youth; 4) Develop a plan that encompasses all available prevention, intervention and treatment strategies to reduce risk factors and to increase protective factors; and 6) Develop a plan that encourages the involvement and interaction of youth, parents, schools and the community regarding strategies designed to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors.



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