Purpose-Local DWI Grant Program:

The purpose of the Department of Finance, Local Government Division, Local DWI (LDWI) Program is to reduce the incidence of DWI in New Mexico.

Funds for these efforts come from liquor excise taxes administered by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration. There are 33 Local DWI Programs, one in every County in New Mexico.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Local DWI grant program is to reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and alcohol-related domestic violence.

The Cibola County DWI Program is working on filling the needs and gaps of the community through these 7 proven components:

  • Screening
  • Prevention
  • Coordination
  • Treatment
  • Alternative Sentencing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Law Enforcement

Program Oversight:

The legislation, 11-6A-4 NMSA 1978 as amended, gives oversight of the Program to the DWI Grant Council. “Council” means the New Mexico DWI Grant Council, which was created under the Local DWI Grant Program Act. Membership of the Council consists of the president of the New Mexico Municipal League or a designee, the president of the New Mexico Association of Counties or a designee, the secretary of the Department of Health or the Secretary’s designee, the secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration or the Secretary’s designee, chief of the Traffic Safety Bureau of the State Highway and Transportation Department, and two representatives of local governing bodies, appointed by the Governor. The Local DWI Grants are awarded by the DWI Grant Council upon their review and approval of the grant programs and plans contained in the county’s annual grant application.