County Attorney

The County Attorney and staff provide legal services to the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager, elected officials, and staff. The office reviews, revises, and prepares legislation, reviews contracts, consults with the Board and Manager frequently, and consults with elected officials and staff.

The office provides support for the quasi-judicial activities of the County. The office consults with staff, directors, and elected officials on human resources issues. The office defends the County in cases for which there is no insurance coverage, such as breach of contract claims, in appeals from quasi-judicial matters, limited enforcement of County ordinances and enforcement of the County’s property rights and rights-of-way.

The office interacts with state and federal offices on compliance issues, and in joint projects. It also coordinates with contract attorneys and attorneys representing the County in matters for which liability coverage applies.

The mission of Cibola County Attorney’s Office is to provide sound legal direction, advice, and services to the Cibola County government, in support of the policy objectives of the County’s elected officials and staff.

Dave Pato
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