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Bright Green Corporation Press Release
Nation's Largest Research and manufacturing facility could locate in Grants NM

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Within Cibola County including the City of Grants and the Village of Milan, there are many opportunities for someone to start up a new business. The list below provides some ideas about possible opportunities.

Restaurants: Barbecue; fast food; Steak and seafood; and others.

Sporting goods: Bike repair; Sporting Goods Store—Sports equipment, rentals, bicycle, general supplies, etc.; water sports rentals such as Kayak rentals; Fishing and boating equipment sales and rentals;

Outdoor and Visitor services:  Historical Tours—Small Bus, Trolley, etc.; Jeep Tours; Off-Road Vehicle Customization/Fabrication; Ride Share; Short-term Rentals, RV Parks;

Construction Services: Plumbing; Electrical; Handyman; Construction Contractors;  Land surveyors; Engineering Firms; Building Supplies;
General Retail: Book Store; Clothing Stores; Craft Store; Feed/Pet Supplies; Grocery Store; Office Supplies; Route 66 Souvenir Shop; Shoe Store; E-Commerce

Medical:  Medical Specialist; Optometrist/Ophthalmologist; Physicians; Optical Store; Urgent Care; Veterinarian?

Manufacturing:  Coffee Roaster Small Batch Mailorder; Food Processing; Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution; Machine Quilting Services; Monuments

Vehicle and Truck Care: Full-Service Car Wash; Truck Center; Truck Wash; 

Information Technology: Computer and electronic devices sales, services and repair; Website services; Digital Marketing Services; Consulting

Film Services: Film location providers, Film Friendly businesses; Film production; Catering; Stylists; Costume design

Renewable: Solar System installers, water harvesting systems;

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