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Re: Stale Dated Checks – County Inmate Trust Fund

Cibola County has issued checks from our Inmate Trust Account and many are currently outstanding. Pursuant to Section 7-8A7f, NMSA 1978 the County shall send a written notice to the apparent owner, not more than one hundred twenty days or less than sixty days before the County shall file a report to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD). This ad hereby constitutes said notice to those the County was unable to find current addresses for.

Pursuant to Section 7-8A-7d, NMSA 1978, the law requires the County to provide information about the payees and related funds to the Unclaimed Property Division of the TRD for outstanding checks that were distributed but not cashed within one year.

 If you need a new check issued or have questions please come by the County building located at 700 East Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 50, Grants, NM 87020 or contact Adriana Grijalva at 505-287-2517 at your earliest convenience.

The County will require current legal identification to re-issue a new check.