Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office

Tony Mace
Cibola County Sheriff


PH: (505) 876-2040

Michael Munk
Cibola County Undersheriff

PH: (505) 876-2040

Mission Statement
The Cibola County Sheriff's Office is a team comprised of professionals dedicated to serving their Community and making Cibola County a better place to live.

The Cibola County Sheriff's Office responds to all public assistance calls, ranging from felony crimes, lost children, traffic crashes as well as civil disputes.

"Working with you, the citizens of  Cibola County.
to make your home a safer place to live"

We improve the quality of life in the communities of Cibola County. As responsible role models, we are dedicated to developing 

 maintaining partnerships, upholding the law, protecting life and property, providing a safe environment and ensuring the Constitutional rights of all. We are dedicated to our rich heritage of more then 30 years of quality service through our core beliefs of:and

Integrity, Professionalism and Fairness

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.

We are dedicated to excellence in service through education, mutual cooperation and pride.

We are committed to impartial and equal treatment for all through courtesy, compassion and respect