Clerk's Office

Cibola County Clerk:
The Clerk is the custodian of records for the Cibola County Clerk. This office keeps all official public records of the County, such as resolutions, ordinances, deeds, mortgages and marriage licenses for marriages within Cibola County.
The Clerk is also the chief administrator of elections. The Clerk's office receives nominations and petitions of candidates related to elections. In addition, the office supervises and prepares ballots and voting machines and trains poll workers.
The clerk's office also supports the Office of the Probate Judge in handling informal proceedings.

The Cibola County Clerks Office CANNOT give legal advice on what a document should contain or how they shoud be written. We only  RECORD the document. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney. Thank you!
Documents recorded in the office of the County Clerk are Public Records, subject to inspection and disclosure.

Michelle Dominguez
County Clerk
PH: (505) 285-2537
Fax: (505) 285-2562

Michelle has been married to Jason Dominguez for 8 years. She has 3 daughters and 3 stepchildren. Michelle was hired in 2006 as a temp. Throughout the years she has held various positions such as recording, recording supervisor, and bureau of elections voting rights coordinator supervisor. Since 2012 she has been the Chief Deputy Clerk.

Michelle has attended classes through the New Mexico EDGE Program at NMSU. She has received her NM Certified Public Official Certificate.

"The employees in our office are all cross trained and will get you the information you need. Our goal is to continue to serve the public."

"If we don't have the answer we will try our hardest to get you an answer or direct you in the right direction."

Natalie Grine
Deputy Clerk
PH: (505) 285-2539
Fax: (505) 285-2562




March 13, 2018

From 9AM to 5PM

$50 Filing Fee excludes Magistrate Judges (Petitions)

Ballot Drawing Position will be held at 5PM on the same day.



County Commissioner Districts 1 & 3

County Assessor

County Sheriff

Probate Judge

Magistrate Judge Divisions 1 & 2

For more information please contact or see:

Jaclyn Billy (BOE Coordinator) 505-285-2554

Donnie Cerno (BOE) 505-285-2540

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List of Filing Fees

-Notice to Request Public Records for Record & Filing

-Notice to Request Public Records for Bureau of Elections

-Application for Absent Voter Ballot 

Need voter information visit 
Voter View.

Recording & Filing Phone Number 505-285-2535

Bureau of Elections Phone Number 505-285-2554

Fax Number 505-285-2562

All recorded documents should be mailed to, along with a self addressed envelope:
PO Box 190
Grants, NM 87020
Attn: County Clerk

Are you registered to vote? Contact the Bureau of Elections for more information.
Please Note: 
Any changes that to need to be made to your Voter Registration needs to be done 28 days prior to any Election on a NEW Voter Registration form.

Overseas Voter? Voting assistance for Service Members, their Families and Overseas Citizens. To submit an application please click on the FVAP Application.
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