Cibola County Road Department

Road Department

Mission Statement
The Cibola County Road Department has 17 full time employees. They are overseen by Gary Porter, the Public Works Director. Cibola County  Road Dept. maintains 363.216 miles of road, consisting of graveled, dirt and chip sealed roads. We have a variety of heavy equipment which includes 3 graders, 6 dump trucks, 1 chip spreader, 1 Distributor, 3 transport trucks, 2 loaders and 2 backhoes.
Their goal is to provide quality maintenance of the Cibola County maintained roadways and insure the safety of the motoring public, while maintaining a safe, courteous and professional working environment.


Cibola County Road Review Committee to Review Roads

Grants, NM, January 16, 2020—On February 1, 2020, the appointed Cibola County Road Review Committee will be reviewing multiple roads within Cibola County for addition or removal from the County Certified Road Maintenance list.  The Road Review Committee will follow standards and procedures as outlined in State Statue and in Cibola County Ordinance relating to the Dedication and Maintenance of County Roads # 82-1/Amended.

 The following roads will be under review. Residents along these roads should have already received a letter from Cibola County regarding the proposed change in status of the road.

            Roads to be considered for addition:

  1. Casa Blanca Road in La Vega Estates Subdivision
  2. Calle De San Fidel Road in La Vega Estates Subdivision
  3. Tomas Road south of San Rafael
  4. Barbara Circle in the Plano Colorado Subdivision

Roads to be considered for Abandonment of Maintenance

  1. CR 28 B Farm Road in Bluewater Village
  2. CR 59B Clark Road north of San Rafael
  3. CR 47A Obe Worthen Mesa Road south of El Morro National Monument
  4. CR 86 St. Anthony Mine Road in Seboyeta

Signage will be placed on these roads at least 5 days prior to the viewing by the Road Review Committee.

For additional information you may also contact the Cibola County Planning Coordinator at (505) 285-2555.


 Gary Porter
Cibola County Road Department
 PH: (505)285-2570

Public Works Director, Gary Porter, started work with the County Road Dept. on September 19, 1995 as a truck driver. He was promoted to foreman in 2001 and was promoted to Public Works Director in 2010.

County Road Dedication and Maintenance Policy

Road Infrastructure Placement Permit - A permit is required for the placement of utilities and other infrastructure including without limitation cattle guards and culverts and other drainage structures, in, under, or across County roads and bridges.

Private Grave Excavation Policy
Important Information
We are open to the public during the following business hours: 
Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm. 
Closed for business on Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays.