Office of Substance Abuse Prevention

Manager's Department

The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) operates under the direction of the Behavioral Health Services Division within the Human Services Department.  The focus area is a state of the art substance abuse prevention system.

OSAP establishes an integrated and comprehensive substance abuse prevention services delivery system through the promotion of sound policy, effective practice and cooperative partnerships to ensure the availability of quality prevention.  It is committed to the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs and infrastructure development activities.  OSAP provides the infrastructure and other necessary support to local stakeholders in selecting and implementing policies, programs, and practices proven to be effective in research settings and communities.

OSAP is dedicated to improving and maximizing the impact of New Mexico’s substance abuse prevention system.  To this end, OSAP seeks to build the capacity of the State’s local prevention providers to deliver effective prevention services aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.