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Cibola County Mission:
The mission of Cibola county government is to provide an efficient, effective, responsive and transparent government that achieves the Board of County Commissioners’ vision for Cibola County; a New Mexico gem in which to live and work!

Cibola County Manager:
The office of the County Manager is appointed by the Cibola County Board of County Commissioners and is tasked with several duties pertaining to day to day operations of Cibola County.  The County Manager advises the Board on services, operational, financial and submits an annual operating & capital budget for their consideration. The county manager's office exists for the purpose of  bringing alignment of effort, transparency and continuity to the affairs of Cibola County government.

Tony M. Boyd
County Manager

Mr. Boyd is a longtime resident of the Grants area. His family moved here from Oklahoma in 1959 and they have been here since then. Mr. Boyd is a graduate from Grants High School, has attended NMSU Grants Branch, has served in the US Air Force, has taken certification courses from FEMA, FEMA Leaderships courses, Incident Safety Officer and recently completed the FEMA Advanced Professional Series Certificate program, Louisiana State University Agriculture and Mechanical College Long Distant Learning Center Firefighter I, II, and III, was a Nationally Registered EMT and a NM licensed EMT and has taken numerous other courses throughout his 34 year career as a career and volunteer Firefighter/EMT.  Mr. Boyd has also worked as a Fire Safety Sanitation and Training Officer for Cibola County Correction Center when the county first opened its detention center in 1994. The county sold the detention center to CCA in 1998 and Mr. Boyd remained the Safety Officer after the sale to CCA. He was a certified Disciplinary Hearing Officer and became the Quality Assurance Officer prior to leaving the Corrections Field in 2003. He then became the Fire Chief for Pueblo of Acoma Fire Department in 2003 and remained there until 2009 when he became a Consultant for EMS Region 1. He then became the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) for Cibola County in 2010 and was also a Field Deputy Medical Investigator for the Office of the Medical Investigator. In addition to his duties as the EMC, Mr. Boyd was appointed as the first County Fire Marshal in 2012. Mr. Boyd remained in that position until he was appointed as the County Manager in June of 2015. Mr. Boyd strives to run the day-to-day operations and strives to be transparent in the operations of the county. He currently is taking NMSU Edge Classes through the New Mexico Association of Counties. Mr. Boyd continues to improve his skills and leadership in order to better serve the communities and the residents of Cibola County.

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