Lobo Canyon Fire District #10

Lobo Canyon Fire District #10
Chief Donald Whiting
Lobo Canyon Fire Department

Chief Whiting has been involved with EMS and Fire Services for over 12 years. He is a licensed and certified Paramedic, Community Paramedic, EMS Instructor Coordinator. He is also holds certifications as a Structural and Wildland Fire Fighter, HAZMAT Technician, Rescue Technician, Industrial Fire Fighter and has previous experience as a Law Enforcement officer.

Chief Whiting is very active with Lobo Canyon Fire and Rescue and has a strong focus on getting all members of the department the proper training. He has been with the department since July of 2015, and is looking forward to serving the Lobo Canyon Community in the coming years

Lobo Canyon Fire Department is a Volunteer Fire Department serving the community north of Grants, NM in the shadow of Mt. Taylor. Our fire district encompasses private inholdings within US Forest Service land. Our department is primarily a structural fire department with an emphasis on the Wild Land Urban Interface. Our members receive specialized training in protecting homes and private property in the Wild Land Urban interface, the area where the forest meets the rural community.

We have several apparatuses to serve the community including Engine 32, Tender 32, Brush 31, Command 31 and a UTV outfitted with a fire fighting apparatus.

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